Meet the Family


The “if/than” kid.

London was born in 1996.  I never actually wanted kids, but once he arrived, I knew I had to have more. Honestly, if I had unlimited financial resources, I would have had a dozen. London was an old soul from birth. Calm and inquisitive.  He is my “if/than” kid.  As in, if I do this, ________ than ______ will be the end result – after evaluating the result he’d make his decision.  He was a little guy that choose wisely.  His shirt was always tucked in, his hair was combed and his gig line was always straight.   He’s relaxed a bit as he’s moved from 5 to 25, but he’s still a serious thinker who enjoys good conversation and learning new things. London lives just down the road from us in Mesa, Arizona with his lovely girlfriend Reena and their crazy cat Merlin.


“Arrrhhh” – “We’re you scared?”

Max was happy from birth. Full of energy and enthusiasm – he smiled all the time and still does.  One of his favorite things to do was to hide and then jump out and try to scare me.  He was usually disappointed that I didn’t flinch or scream.  On occasion I would try to pretend I was scared, but I was rarely able to fake it.  My sister, Theresa (who you’ll meet later) is easy to frighten, and Max got great joy from popping out in front of her.  Although he quickly learned to jump back and away as Theresa’s response was usually to scream and start swinging.  Max is still a little devilish and will attempt a “scare” move from time to time.  He lives up in Washington where he plays lots of golf and works as an asset manager for a property management firm.

Park & Petey

Similarly Surly

If ever a man and his dog shared similar personalities, it is these two.  Both are calm and quiet.  If you get a comment out of either of them it is usually something a little surly.  Park is delightfully entertaining and incredibly funny – but only if you have thick skin – you’ll hear more from and about him when you read the “Park & Petey” section of the blog – don’t go there if you don’t have a sense of humor.  He’s an old school manly guy, a politically incorrect retired Marine.  I think that says it all.  He’s the perfect man for me.  Oh, did I mention he’s an amazing photographer?  You can see more of his work on Instagram – @ParkKitchings.  We’ll have a few of his most popular photographs available here on the blog.  Be sure to sign up on our email list if you’d like to know when Park’s Photo Shop goes live.

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