Rule #6 – Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.

“Then he asked himself the most difficult of questions: had he personally contributed to the catastrophe of his life?” p155

We are all guilty of contributing to the bad things that have happened in our lives, taking inventory of those things and holding ourselves accountable is the only way we can truly set our own houses in order.

The above quote is referencing Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, author of The Gulag Archipelago. He asked himself additional questions, he was honest in his answers, and then set about the task of repairing the damage. Rule #6 suggests that we look inward, and fix ourselves before we go about fixing things or trying to fix things in the outside world. It’s easy to say what others should do, it’s much more difficult to address our own role.

This week I’m joined by my good friend Eileen. We were able to chat a bit about the rule and our own lives, and how we might apply the rule going forward.

I made one big mistake, I forgot to turn on the camera. So this week we only have a podcast. You can listen to it now (below) or download it on Google Podcasts and listen to it later. Click here to download.

Are you exacting vengeance or is justice being administered?

I hope you’ll listen to this podcast and then add a comment. What are you doing to set your own house in order this week?

Thanks for joining me,


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